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Jacksonville area resources

Not my child!- A parent's worst nightmare can come true in an instant.  Below are resources and educational links. Jaxhelp does not endorse or guarantee any services provided or efficacy of services for your personal situation please contact a professional to evaluate your best course of action.

The dreaded call. Your child is in trouble with the law. It can happen even to the best child one mistake that can potentially change the rest of their lives and yours.

FindLaw - this site provides comprehensive legal information for every level from consumers to Attorneys. Authorized links.

What happens if your child is arrested?  Follow the links below to local assistance.  You are not alone.

Services & Facilities by County

Clay County

Duval County

Flagler County

Nassau County

St Johns County

The Youth Crisis Center is located at:

3015 Parental Home Road
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 725-6662
(Toll Free) 1-877-720-0007

EPIC Community Services, is a nonprofit company providing counseling to adolescents and families.

Alternative Schools in your County- These links are provided via the Public Schools Report WEBSITE.

Clay -

Duval -

Flagler -

Nassau -

St. Johns -

The following are Foundations, Non Profits, Government programs, and Resources that help AT RISK Children some are local or Web based others are within the state of FLORIDA.



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